Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hi and welcome to Scarlet's Rhymes!

I'm new to the blogging world. So bear with me while I try to figure things out!I plan on sharing a lot of poetry and pictures here. And, who knows what else might strike my fancy! :-)

Sunrise at Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
An inspiring picture for any writer !


Ahhh.. another day at the beach
A perfect one indeed.
The beauty just beyond my reach
Yet I find what I need.

The pier reaches out to touch the shore
And, it makes me feel so grand
I’ll want to linger even more
If we walk there hand in hand.

Fishermen sit and watch the waves
Do they ever catch a thing?
Or, is it time alone they crave?
To listen to the seagulls sing!

Take my hand let’s see what’s there
For you and I to see..
Will we lose all of our cares..
As we walk by the sea?

Just like life .. a walk on the shore
Will offer you many different things.
The sand.. the wind.. the waves .. much more
Just listen to hear your heart sing!


Buzz Creek said...

MJ - This is awesome. Keep it up. You'll be famous yet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have achieved another round of success. I am so impressed. And I think the poetry is pretty good too!!!Keep up entertaining us. I love it. Jade

Anonymous said...

You are definitely a "talented" lady. Keep it up! Oneputt

Anonymous said...

Way to go Scarlet....I am very impressed. Living in Fl. on the Gulf Coast, I really loved the picture....and the poetry also. I will be checking back often to see what you have added....Hugs! Carolyn (aka UforMe)

Anonymous said...

Hi scarlet.. this is sally or mssalty as i am in the chat room... Ihope to be in Florida next winter and i will check in on your blogg each day.. take care sally

Anonymous said...

Well Missus Scahlet, I kin
only says dat yo is de mostest
an cours yo nose I luves Ya.

SunsetnFL said...

WAY to go, Scarlet! It's beautiful...both picture and poetry. Keep up the good work; we'll all be checking on your "blog".

Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

Aren't you quite the poet - must have been all of those years doing
copy in TV Land, huh?

Loved your poem and pic - thanks
for sharing.


Anonymous said...

O this is cool, Looks like Scarlets' got her groove on... you Jam on girl!


Anonymous said...

Another great job, keep up the good work, you are doing great fo a little ole suthun gal :)
All the best to you, God Bless -Aces

Anonymous said...

MJ -

You are very talented in many ways. Creativity has never been lost on you. I can remember you singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire . . ." to me when I was a little thing. Wish we could get you to come back to Chumuckla for a visit.

Lil' Cuz

Bunny said...

You're great, Scarlet....we know about your beautiful and sometimes witty poetry, now you're adding beautitul pictures!!! I'm impressed. Keep it up and we want stories too. Can't wait to see more!

Hugs, Bunny

Anonymous said...